Join Flora as she explores a mysterious forest and all the magical things that live inside.

Flora's Forest is both a book and and iPad toy that children can read and play.

For ages 2-5.

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Meet Flora & her monsters

Puffy is blowing up!

Literally. Go ahead and touch him and see what happens.

Flora pretty much has a mind of her own.

But will going into the forest to find her kite be trouble?

Is he a monster cat or a cat monster?

Poke his belly to find out!

Half bird, half... well, were not really sure.

He sure does some weird stuff though. Touch his feathery head to make music!

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Meet Helen

Helen Dardik is an award winning illustrator, designer and a proud mother of 3 little girls. She's always on the lookout for all things fun, fresh and beautiful and has infused this book with all the things that has inpsired her in nature.

Each of the Monsters that Flora meets in the forest were each developed with her daughters. Until we got their stamp of approval, we weren't allowed to release the book! Luckily, a consensus was formed about the Monster's' characters, designs, and 'special' powers and our three 'Monsters' were allowed to be released to the world.

Helen and her daughters hope that this book will inspire children to explore the outdoors with the same sense of wonder and spirit of discovery as Flora.

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